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At Training For Warriors we give you a complete fitness system to get you to your goals.  


Take the guess work out of getting fit. Training for Warriors has been around for over 30 years helping people just like you lose fat, build muscle, and feel good. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

" Life changing. When I first learned about TFW, I wasn't in a great place, not physically, not mentally, not emotionally. I was stressed out, stress eating and not moving. I felt defeated but I knew I wasn't doing anything to help myself, accepting the TFW challenge was my first step in taking control of my life.

My first workout was February 2nd, today is May 30th and my body fat % is down almost 10%! Thanks to Kian I can keep track of my fat loss, muscle gain and body fat percentage and am beginning to understand how that translates into my overall health and fitness level. I weighed myself everyday for more than 2 decades and used the number on my "trusty" scale to determine what shape I was in but the scale is no longer the be-all and end-all to my level of fitness or my overall worth.

TFW is a challenge and it will challenge you in every way possible. I'm not a morning person yet 5 days a week at 5am I found myself at the gym and surprisingly always felt better when I walked out than when I walked in. I exchanged stress eating for clean eating and not surprisingly, I felt better. The workouts are hard but not impossible, although sometimes they do feel that way and the coaches will challenge you to your limit but in a positive, invigorating way. And whether your nature is competitve or not, the environment is a safe and supportive one. I have built real relationships with my coaches and teammates that are invaluable and as a result have become a part of something amazing and so much more than I ever thought I'd find at a gym. But that's because Momentum Fitness is so much more than just a gym.

I went into this challenge thinking it would be over in 8 weeks, but it was just the beginning. Today I'm a Warrior able to deadlift more than my body weight and I know my journey is life-long. I've tried other gyms, workout programs and countless diets but Momentum Fitness is on another level solely due to the high caliber of their coaching staff. The dedicated team that is Momentum Fitness is passionate about fitness, educating their members, staying on top of the science and continuing their education as well.

Training For Warriors is life changing. Body, mind and soul.

Kelley F.

Starting at 39% Body Fat

Currently at 27% Body Fat

Over 20 Pounds of FAT lost!

Bob M.

Before Stats: 257 pounds 34% Body Fat 

Ending Stats: 223 Pounds 22% Body Fat

Bob lost 37 pounds of fat

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Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Good!

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